Hey you - I know you. Your loved one is half a world away and you miss them terribly. You miss them so much that you physically ache sometimes. Quiet days bleed into lonely nights and you just want to feel connected to that special person. 

Your plate feels too full to add an extra load of laundry to it, let alone those Pinterest-perfect care packages. How can you possible get it all done?

That's where Care Package Boot Camp comes in.

Get care package tips, tricks and secrets from a pro! 

Let me tell you, I've been in your shoes. I've held on just a little extra longer at the airport, wishing the next four...six...eight months away. I've spent holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and many nights alone. I've felt like I had to fight to stay connected to my husband because he was half a world away. How was I going to do this?

For me, care packages were the answer! Putting boxes together kept my husband as part of my everyday life. I thought of him when I went to the grocery store and picked out his favorite beef jerky. I thought of him when I planned out my weekend and made time to decorate and fill his box so I could ship it on Monday.

Care packages helped me stay connected to and strengthened my relationship with my husband while we were apart. They can do the same thing for your family!

With four deployments in five years under my belt, I've sent my fair share of care packages!
Now I'm spilling all my favorite tips, tricks and secrets!

What you'll get with
Care Package Boot Camp...

  • Access to a private Facebook group

    Join other care package enthusiasts in an exclusive community to share ideas, tips and tricks. 

  • 300+ care package theme ideas

    Never be without a care package idea again! This downloadable PDF has an idea for every interest and occasion.

  • Checklists & planning resources

    A few minutes spent planning your care package saves time and money later on. You'll breeze through planning with ease.

  • Exclusive video tutorials

    Get ideas for making your care packages stand out with care package extras and how-to videos.

  • Discount code for my Etsy shop

    Need a little extra help in the care package department? Get a pre-decorated flap set from my shop for 10% off!  

All for less than it costs to ship ONE care package!



Get lifetime access to video trainings, downloadable PDFs and an exclusive Facebook community!

Send care packages like these!

(with ease thanks to a little help from Care Package Boot Camp)

What will Care Package Boot Camp do for you?

Save you time and money!

Make care packages fun again!

Keep your family connected!

What's inside Care Package Boot Camp?

Get a sneak peek inside Care Package Boot Camp!
New resources are added monthly...based on what you want and need!

  • Planning resources

    I love to plan out my care packages so things are easy and don't stress me out. That's why I'm sharing with you a variety of printable planning documents to help you with your next box.

    This section includes a shopping list, care package planning sheet, customs form how-to and a reference chart for paper sizes! 

  • More than 300 care package theme and content ideas

    The most common problem people say they have with care packages is that they aren't creative or can't come up with a theme. 

    This giant list has more than 300 theme suggestions for all interests and occasions as well as ideas for theme-specific contents to put in the box. 

  • Video trainings to take your care packages to the next level

    How do you make your care packages so perfect? How can I get my care package to play music or light up? What can I do to make this box extra special? 

    All these questions (and more) will be answered in exclusive recorded video trainings and Facebook Lives. 


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What people say about my work:

I've sent more than 450 care packages and helped countless families
stay connected during times of separation. 

“Thank you for always sharing your talent, and for making sure I send the best care packages :)


Etsy Customer

I call Rachel the Queen of Care Packages because she has great designs and tons of helpful ideas that really simplify the process of sending care packages during deployment. I am not very crafty and don't like to do my own care package decorations, so I love how Rachel offers fun, seasonal themes that make me and my deployed husband smile. She can even customize boxes for birthdays, anniversaries, and special events! You can tell that she truly cares about each design and customer, which makes working with her a great experience.

Lizann Lightfoot

The Seasoned Spouse

5 stars doesn’t do justice!! I had a custom order made and she truly went above and beyond, I was blown away with the packaging, the extreme attention to detail, and the quality is absolutely incredible! I will without a doubt be purchasing all flaps from her for this deployment and deployments to come!


Etsy Customer

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